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?Just writing to say thanks very much for everything you sent through.
You run a fantastic service and I will certainly be passing on your name to colleagues.?

Angela Mitchell - BBC Scotland, Glasgow     More Testimonials

  About Us    Why Choose Us 
McCallum Media Monitor Guarantees No Delays Ever!

Well, we'd love to be able to say that, but it just isn't possible to keep that promise. Due to production difficulties at the printing plant an edition of a paper may arrive late, or perhaps the wholesaler's van might break down, or there may even be a power outage that leaves an entire area of town without electricity. In short, there are many reasons why a press clipping could be delayed.

What we DO guarantee, however, is that we make every effort possible to track down late or missing clippings. We keep hard copies of daily newspapers on file for two months, and weekly papers for five weeks, so if you tell us about a possible missing story, we can go back and find it. If it isn't in our file, we'll order a back copy.

We also use a number of subscription databases, such as Lexis Nexis and Media Safe to cross-check our reading. This allows us to search for company names to find out if an item has been missed by our readers. We do this early every morning and on those occasions when a clipping has been overlooked, we are generally able to add it to our system so that it reaches the client on time.